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4 Ways Family Can Support a Problem Gambler

When a person gets addicted to gambling, along with the person his or her family member also gets affected. It is a serious problem that can lead to negative effects on relationships. Gambling can also create financial and health problems.

There have been many cases that when a person is addicted to gambling, the relationship with his or her spouse is compromised. The children get affected and relationships with parents, siblings, and friends also get affected.

The person has lots of broken relationships, gets into debt and suffers from emotional problems. If someone is addicted to gambling, the family can play an important role in pulling the person out of such a situation.

Here are some ways a family can support the affected person.

Make the person admit

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You should confront the addicted person and make him admit that there is a problem. You should make the person realize that the family members’ lives are getting affected due to such irresponsible behavior.

You should also make the person realize that it’s not his fault and that there is a way to get out of it. You should assure him that it happens to many people and there is nothing wrong with him.

Fix the relationship

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You shouldn’t try to control the life of the gambler. That will create more problems and affect your relationship. Instead, you should let the person take control of his or her life.

You should communicate about the problems you are facing as a spouse or other family member due to his behavior.

You should support him to overcome the problem. You can request him to limit his time gambling and instead focus on other family activities. You should spend more time with the addicted person and try to give comfort.

Manage the finances

postID13 manage finances - 4 Ways Family Can Support a Problem Gambler

People who have a gambling problem often have difficulties in maintaining their finances. You shouldn’t lend any money to the gambler. You must not pay the gambler’s debts as well, that way the person won’t realize what he has done with his life.

You should take care of the finances. You should make sure that the bills are paid by direct debits. If you have a joint account with the person, you should remove it and have a separate account for yourself.

You should control the family spending and make sure that the gambler doesn’t get into more debt.

Get professional help

If you think that family support is not enough for the gambler, then you should take him to a professional. You, as a family member, should also go along with him to the counselor.

That way you will know how to provide more support to the addicted person so that he can recover from his problem. If a family member is addicted to gambling, you should help that person. Gambling addiction can ruin a person’s life. You can save a life by giving all the support the person needs to overcome addiction.

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